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Live Speaking Engagements
Presented by James Osmar

Commission Gusher

Complete Turnkey Internet Prospecting System, Designed to Capture an Abundance of Leads Driving Them Directly to Your Smartphone,
Using Simple Point and Click Technology.

Discover how to tap into these extremely inexpensive leads. You will see firsthand just how this is the lowest cost source for acquiring new business as well as the lowest cost way to maintain contact with your past clients.

We will show you the Strategies, explain the Tools and give you the Understanding on how to drive a continuous stream of buyers and sellers directly to your inbox each and every day. The main focus will be on Lead Generation, Lead Conversion and Relationship Building.

There is so much information here that you will want to take notes!

NAR research shows us that 94% of people now go to the Internet to start their real estate search. 75% of these people choose the first agent that they get face to face with and 50% of all buyers and sellers that fill out a form on the internet buy or sell within 1 - 18 months.

We will show you how this is done! We will explain to you in detail the the Chunk Method of selling. This selling style will teach you how to develop the start of a relationship in as little as two to three minutes... guaranteed!

With the Commission Gusher Virtual Prospecting System you will see beyond a shadow of a doubt why you need a virtual marketing strategy to prosper in today's market. With only 7% of people now going to newspapers to start their search, it is absolutely critical to keep up with these changing times.

You will now know why most agents are destined to fail without the proper tools and understanding. Why with a very small investment and very little effort you will get all the leads you want, anytime you want them.

Please fill out the brief form below if you are interested in having us to come to your office and speak about the Commission Gusher Virtual Prospecting System.